What Impatience Really Means For Most of Us

“Every time you feel like rushing, Slow down.” – Abraham Hicks

Having patience is something that a lot of us struggle with. It’s sometimes rare to meet an individual who is at peace with the way things are in this moment. It’s rare to meet someone who is actually listening to every word a person speaks and to notice what’s going on in their surroundings. I have been guilty of this myself several of times. Not so much of an issue now as it was months ago.

Have you ever thought about where this impatience stems from? It comes from the fact that you are uncomfortable/unhappy with your current circumstances, and you need something to change ASAP for you to feel happy/comfortable again.  We as human beings love the known, we can deal with the known but it’s the unknown that has us running for the hills. We convince ourselves that if maybe we received faster service, more money, a perfect partner, a great job/career, and the list goes on and on, that we would feel relieved and our world would suddenly become much better, happier, and easier to manage. We trick our minds into believing that we need these things now to feel better. We think to ourselves, “If this line moved fast enough I would be able to get to my destination quicker and I would feel better.” or, “If I had my perfect partner I wouldn’t feel lonely anymore and I would feel complete and happy.” Or, and this one is my favorite, “If I had the perfect job with the perfect environment and earned more money, I would feel better and live a better life.” If you read in between the lines all the things I have mentioned are reasons as to why we get impatient and feel the need to rush through our lives. We rush through things or make things happen faster so that we can help shift us back to a more comfortable and happy state. We think that when things go our way, things are better this way.

Let’s dig a little deeper. We also get impatient because we think that we’ve struggled long enough to deserve whatever we are seeking now. I think this sense of entitlement kicks us in the ass hard. My favorite line to say was, “I’ve put in my time, why don’t I see anything getting better? Doesn’t God or the Universe see that I’ve been through enough?” I wanted all these changes to take place in my life and fast for various of reasons. The reasons are as follows: heal my insecurities, fill voids, feel worthy, feel deserving, I wanted to feel like I had something to show for when the time came. If you are still following, the reasons for impatience all have to do with wanting to feel instant gratification. This temporary fix gives us a huge amount of pleasure, at least for a little while. Until another event in our life happens that suddenly reminds us that we need something else to happen to feel better again. It’s a vicious cycle that we go through. How can we work through this? What steps can we take to improve this cycle of impatience that takes over? I will discuss that in a different post which will be the continuation to this one, but one thing I will say is that ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. Meaning, I will not for one second try to get you to follow the same steps as I did. What works and worked for me may not work for you. These are things that I will discuss later, my best piece of advice for all of you until then is, the next time you feel like you’re wanting to rush through something ask yourself the simple question of why? What are you trying to get out of things going much faster than they need to?

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