Making Peace With It All

I’m making peace with my past, every single demon that was once there is disappearing bit by bit. I’m starting to realize that the more I face these demons head on one by one, the lighter I feel. I acknowledge that some of these demons that have been here with me are because I didn’t want to take responsibility for them being there. I gave them light, in fact I handed them the fuel to light the fire. As the weeks go by I release each demon one by one and I thank them for what they showed me, but I also remind them about the hell they caused me. As I reminded them of the hell they caused I realized the hell was caused by my own thinking and doing. That was an even more tough pill to swallow. As I parted ways with these demons one by one, I realized that I felt lighter each time. I felt as if though I faced a part of myself that I had been running from and was ashamed of for so long. I faced those parts of me that I wasn’t proud of and I said my goodbyes because I realized I no longer needed them in my life. I had learned what role I played in each part of my hell with these demons and we said we were sorry to one another and went our separate ways. We meant no harm, we were only coexisting with one another the best that we were able to, the only way that we knew how to. We played with fire and got burned, lesson learned. We made peace with it all, walked away and never looked back. That’s where that story ends, because that was then, and this is now.

burn burning candle candlelight
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