Our Inner Child’s Role In the Now

As an adult I still have certain moments where I throw tantrums over the silliest things. After my mini tantrum I truly have to dig deep and ask myself where all of that emotion came from. Whether we understand it or not, the child in us never goes away. The child in us remains with us until the moment we leave this earth but the thing that changes as the years go by are our bodies and our appearance. At what age did an adult or someone older than you say those deadly words of, “You have to grow up?!” At what moment did you get told, “That’s life as an adult better get used to it?!” Have you ever realized how enthusiastic children are? How excited they are to explore and venture out so eagerly. Do you remember how you were as a child? Think back to a great memory that you have of when you were a child. How is your level of excitement throughout this memory? What are you doing? Are you at a park playing? Are you reading a favorite book? Are you painting or coloring? At what moment did you start getting told to stop all of that? That you were getting too old to be playing with toys, to be coloring, to believe in your dreams because they were “too out there” and “out of your reach.” I’m here to tell you that the same adults who brain washed us to believe in this are probably the adults who gave up on their dreams. The adults who stopped playing with their inner child and stopped being as eager and excited for life as their inner child once was.

I know that my mother was brought up a certain way, she wasn’t shown affection and was shown to be somewhat aggressive in her form of communication. Guess what she passed on to my siblings and I? She passed on lack of attention and affection, she passed on limiting beliefs, she passed on needing to people please, but one thing she forgot to pass on to me was to still have fun along the way. To still honor that child within me who had big dreams of doing great things and to still honor the child within me who believed that this world was a friendly and great place. I know what you’re thinking, “Is this world really a great place?” or, “This world is filled with crime, hate, and blah blah blah.” That might be so but I will tell you why. We as children don’t know anything until we are taught things from the adults in our lives. Adults tell us at what age we need to stop playing with certain toys or at what age we have to start being real. Adults teach us the difference between Black and White, right and wrong, adults teach us how to hate and they teach us how to behave and most of all how to think. As babies up until a certain age we can’t really think for ourselves. When we try, we get told that we have to obey because we don’t know any better at that stage in life. Yet what happens is that we get programmed with the same programs and beliefs that these adults were programmed with. So if the adults that we were raised to believe in hate, racism, crime, and social conditioning, guess what we are being taught as we are growing up and finally have the chance to understand things? We are taught the same things.

Your inner child is so important! Your inner child is still in there with you. In fact, the reason why you have certain tantrums, fears, and beliefs as an adult is because the inner child in you remembers something that you quite can’t grasp or don’t want to remember. Some of us don’t even really want to make an attempt at digging that far back into our memories because maybe we feel that it wont make a difference. If you would’ve told me a couple of years ago to honor the inner child in me as an adult, I would’ve looked at you as if you were some freak and I would’ve told you to grow up. We receive our creative ideas from channeling our inner child, not from viewing the world through the eyes of an adult. We receive the same recycled ideas other adults have when we’re only thinking like an adult. I also realized that most of my fears stemmed from my memories as a child. The more I began journaling and channeling memories from when I was a child, the more I realized that I was conditioned to be fearful of so many things, I was conditioned to give up when I saw certain situations play out a certain way, I was conditioned to see differences in others and I was conditioned to classify others. My parents were raised a certain way and they passed their information on to me. They didn’t know any better, they didn’t have the resources that we have now in our time to deprogram. They did the best that they could with what they were provided with. I could have easily blamed them for all of my failures, fears, and trauma. While I played victim for a long time, I took accountability for my feelings and well being once I reached a certain age. I took it into my hands to heal, to bring myself joy and comfort, to learn new traits and values, and to learn new beliefs.

I have to say that channeling the inner child in me hasn’t been so simple. I had to channel the inner child in me in order to get my creativity back. I had to channel the inner child in me in order to realize why I gave up on things so easily, I had to channel the inner child in me to see why I would get angry so easily, I had to channel the inner child in me to see why I believed certain things that I brought with me into adulthood. Sometimes when I find myself in a rut, I have to ask the inner child in me what she needs in order to feel better. As crazy as it may sound to some of you, this has worked for me in order to know when I need to take a break from living such a serious life. Life was meant to be lived having fun while reaching your goals and above. Channeling your inner child and acknowledging this inner child is the key to being able to reach a better version of yourself. Channeling the inner child in me has helped me by helping me realize why I’ve gotten angry easily, or sad, or why I feel neglected from time to time with certain behaviors or actions. How we interact with our inner child in the now plays a huge role for the information we will go on to teach our children. When we go into these memories and interact with our inner child and help them heal, we are healing ourselves in the now. We are helping ourselves break through limitations and breakthrough fears. Do not think that just because you already experienced so many things, that you can’t heal from those experiences or that you wont see the light of day. It takes dedication and a commitment to oneself in order to start having breakthroughs. If you need help doing this, ask for it! There are plenty of people that you can reach out to you that can help you get started on something like this. You do not need to continue neglecting the inner child in you, that’s sometimes a part of the reason as to why you react a certain way in this now moment.

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