Our Education System & Society

For as long as I can remember our Education System have made a lot of us feel as if we were incompetent and not capable of becoming someone important within our society. Ever since we were children we have been set to these standards to which only a selected few meet and exceed. If we do not meet or exceed these standards then we are deemed as not being intelligent individuals fully capable of having great careers and or being able to live a great life. This sadly is the ugly truth. I remember all throughout my academic career I wasn’t fully deemed what would be considered a “smart” student. My grades were low and every time I felt that I was finally getting somewhere and advancing, my parents would split and I would be forced to move not only states but schools as well. See the thing is I attended over 10 schools throughout my academic career, that took a toll on me not only mentally but emotionally. I was being told that I wasn’t intelligent because I wasn’t meeting expectations within the education system standards. Teachers would get frustrated with the fact that I wasn’t quite catching on to their materials as quickly as they wished then I would hear things such as, “Which part are you not understanding and how can you not understand what I’m teaching you?” Maybe it was the fact that I was being thrown into many different environments at such a young age, I was being taught different things by different teachers who each had different teaching styles. I think when I reached 6th grade I kind of knew I had given up on school. By that time I had already attended 5 different schools.

Fast forward to High School, I rarely went to school and when I did the most interesting things happened. I would show up for midterms or exams and I would pass my exams. There was one time in my Biology class when I had only shown up about 3 times within that month, I showed up for my exam and ended up getting the only A in the class. The teacher made fun of it saying that the only person not paying attention was actually a nerd. Funny right? If you look at my grades all throughout my academic career up to 17 years of age, it may just make you cringe but I was categorized under the “not going to amount to anything” category because of that. I think that the main reason a lot of people within our circles feel so discouraged is because of the fact that they either went through something similar as myself or because they for as long as we can all remember we have all been held to these standards. Which has then been engraved on the minds of everyone else. Think about it, we have all been told all along that if we don’t have certain things then we are not where we are supposed to be in life or that we probably wont reach this place where we “should” be.

First of all! Who the fuck said that we needed to have a complete education to amount to anything in life. Where is it written where it says, “You must be a high school graduate or a university graduate in order to make it in life.” If you are seriously going by statistics, FUCK THAT! The only reason the statistics match up with the stereotypes and such is because people keep feeding on this bullshit. People seriously have been through some things in their life and have allowed society to discourage them from being able to push past these statistics and stereotypes and even worse their own fears. I have met some amazing people who have definitely made something out of their lives. They are indeed high school dropouts and did not attend any colleges/universities. I admire them because all it took for them to achieve this was to believe in themselves and to finally pursue something that they had been interested in all along. Society has been telling people for years and years that if you don’t have something such as a degree, home, a successful career, and so forth, that you are NOT complete. I am here to tell you that it’s complete bullshit. You do not need those things to be an amazing person, you do not need those things to be respected by others, you do not need those things to be acknowledged by others, you only need your passion for what you truly love and to believe in yourself so much to you shut out these voices who tell you to believe in their social conditioning. To believe societies standards. Don’t believe the hype! True happiness does not come from these things, true happiness comes from doing what you love.

I AM A HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT! I lied on a college application to a school that I knew was not checking at the moment if the information that I was providing was true. They didn’t check if the school that I claimed to graduate from was an accredited school, but thanks to this error on their part I went off to graduate from a school I actually enjoyed. I finally turned my grades around and for the first time in my life I did way better in school than I had ever done. See the thing is this, kids and teenagers aren’t lazy most of them just aren’t finding the things that they’re learning to be to their liking. Some people are even going through things that I went through and just need some words of encouragement, they need support and understanding, not for people to tell them that they wont amount to anything or that they’ll end up being another number on a statistic. The message that I’m also sending is this, if you fight for what you want and believe in things will finally start shifting in your favor. You have to at least give things a try. You have to do it for yourself, when you try you can at least find what works and what doesn’t and it gives you the ability to be able to also come across other supportive people who may be on the same journey as you. Do not let society trick you into believing that you’re dumb or that you’re not good enough because of their fucking standards. SCREW THOSE STANDARDS! They don’t exist, they’re about as real as those limiting beliefs you created, they’re not real! You just keep believing it because you’re being told that it’s true. Take a stand for your dreams and your beliefs. I created a life for myself because I was so adamant that I would be able to prove that we, the not so “intelligent” group CAN make it out here. I don’t need societies timelines to tell me when to achieve these things by, I make my own timelines. Society and their rules are a joke meant to trick us into believing them so that we can fall into depressions and unhealthy addictions. I’m here to say, the moment you stop listening to society and their “rules” the quicker you will be on your way to happiness and success.

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