The Art of Letting Go

You probably came on here thinking that I would start off by saying that I had it all figured out. That I had the magic recipe to let go. To let go of pain, suffering, fears, self-sabotaging behavior, or whatever other million things people are trying to let go of nowadays. It’s not that I […]

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Why Ultimatums Never Work

For the most part we’ve all been there right? We’re in a situation that is considered to be far from ideal and you’re frustrated and suddenly you find yourself having a conversation with someone and saying you either do this or I walk away. Then one of two things happen, the person either tells you […]

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Fixated on Perfect

There’s a reason or I should say there are reasons as to why we see a lot of people in relationships that they’re not happy with, or we also see the people who are tearing apart a potential relationship because of countless of reasons that aren’t even the real reason for them doing that. Let […]

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