Social Media Detox: Why It’s Important

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There were times when I found myself scrolling through social media apps for what seemed like a short period of time throughout my day, yet when I would add the time up it was more than just a few minutes of my day. I would spend hours on social media and then I would find myself feeling drained and disappointed with myself repeatedly.

Why was I so hooked on looking at the latest posts from my friends and or other irrelevant pages? Mind you, I’m not saying anyone is irrelevant but I am saying that there were pages I followed that I felt were only filling my timeline with the latest gossip and other unnecessary information. Suddenly conversations with my friends had turned into gossiping about what they had found on social media and then I realized why I was so disappointed with myself day in and day out. I was disappointed that I wasn’t utilizing my time wisely. I wasn’t improving on things I had said I wanted to improve on and quite frankly why did I need to carry on conversations that involved other people and what they did, weren’t doing, or had done? Regardless whether it was posted on a platform for everyone to see, what was the need to comment on that? I was guilty of not utilizing my time wisely and of even commenting on other people’s lives when who am I to even comment on anyone or anything in any way? I realized I had people following my steps on social media that I didn’t want knowing a damn thing about my life. Then it hit me, if you don’t want anyone to know anything at all, just don’t post and or limit my posts. Then another thought hit me, “what are you doing on social media when you’ve been neglecting yourself?”

I was more invested in other people’s lives than in my own. I started with deleting my Snapchat app last year, that felt like a weight had been shifted off my shoulders. Then I deleted my personal account on Instagram. That felt even better, when I started blogging I created a page for my personal blog but then I stopped writing on here and invested time on my instagram blog page. That still didn’t feel right after awhile. While I connected with so many amazing people in need of answers, I was finding myself digging back into my old habits. I plunged back into the social media hole. I had gotten writers block and couldn’t blog on here, but now I have so much information from this experience that I decided to withdraw from Instagram once again. I don’t have any other social media apps but man are they addicting.

It’s important to withdraw from social media when you get the nudge to do it. It’s important for the sake of getting back on track with yourself. If you’ve set goals for yourself and or feel overwhelmed, detach from social media for a bit. Go out and interact with people face to face again. Go to a bookstore, a coffee shop, a hike, or do something or go somewhere that allows you to get in touch with life again. It’s amazing to think about how many things we neglect because of the obsession that we have to our phones. Detach from the device or simply just social media and connect with yourself again and with others. Mainly with yourself! Social media is sometimes used in a way that really doesn’t benefit any of us in any way, shape, or form. Detoxing from social media has helped me reconnect with myself and with my purpose and with life.

When you have a social media detox you start to sometimes view things differently and then you realize that perspective is everything.

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