Our Dear Friend, Ego.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Over the past few weeks I’ve become a lot more familiar with my ego and I’ve been able to distinguish my ego’s voice from mine. See there’s something that I’d love to speak about and it’s about love in its almost purest form. I say almost because I don’t think that we as humans can fully remove ego from within ourselves, let alone we can’t prevent the ego from entering a relationship whether romantic or other. Our ego always joins in at some point or the other BUT I do believe that when one person is very well aware of themselves, that person who has so much self-awareness can help remedy their situation with their ego and be compassionate towards the other person and their ego.

My question to you is this, do you know when your ego is acting up? If so, what do you do when that happens? I can truthfully tell you that even the kindest person out there still suffers from ego based needs and or ego based thoughts, the difference is that this person has more than likely learned how to be more present within themselves and are able to catch themselves when they feel that discomfort rise from their ego trying to have a say in something. The thing about the ego is I don’t think people realize that we all have that within us, so when something happens that’s not pleasing to our eyes we are so quick to want to judge the other person without realizing that they may very well be going through an ego based emotion that caused them to act out. We need to understand that we now live in a world where self-awareness and just simply having awareness can be tricky for a lot. We now live in a world ruled by the internet and gadgets that are targeted to keep us distracted from our own emotions and distracted from truly understanding ourselves. So for us to truly expect someone else to fully have it together and to be fully mindful of their words, actions, can be a little too much to ask from time to time.

For those people who continue to say, “They should know better!” or, “It’s simply common sense,” I’m here to tell you that not everyone’s common sense is the same and the only reason the other person doesn’t know any better is because they truly haven’t taken the time to reach the level of awareness that you’ve reached in certain areas of your life. I just said something important right now which is this, there is a certain level of awareness that you have reached in certain areas of your life that they have yet to get to. So whichever area of your life you may be fully aware and mindful in, this person is not and vice versa. Something else that I’m trying to say is this, maybe instead of crucifying someone for doing “wrong” or acting up you can try to be a lot more compassionate by understanding that about them. Understand that we will always have differences but a way to avoid any ill feelings towards another you may just want to understand that they’re not quite at your level of awareness on certain topics and that’s completely okay. No need to push back, that will only aggravate you some more. Allow the other person to be where they are and who they are, accept that they’ll understand many other things in increments and at their own pace. That is a way to remove your ego out of the way and that will help the other person know how to manage their ego better. A person starts to change when they choose to change and when they’re ready to change their perspective and not when another person pushes for the change. Even if the change weren’t to come from another person, that’s okay too! Your compassion and understanding changes your interaction with that person, then there is still a win-win outcome.

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